Oct 28 2018

Blog Tour & Giveaway: You Are The Everything by Karen Rivers

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You Are The Everything
by Karen Rivers
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Release Date: October 30, 2018
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Can you want something—or someone—so badly that you change your destiny? Elyse Schmidt never would have believed it, until it happened to her. When Elyse and her not-so-secret crush, Josh Harris, are the sole survivors of a plane crash, tragedy binds them together. It’s as if their love story is meant to be. Everything is perfect, or as perfect as it can be when you’ve literally fallen out of the sky and landed hard on the side of a mountain—until suddenly it isn’t. And when the pieces of Elyse’s life stop fitting together, what is left?



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Karen Rivers is the author of twenty-one novels for children, teens, and adults, including the highly praised The Girl in the Well Is Me, All That Was, Before We Go Extinct and A Possibility of Whales. She lives in British Columbia, Canada. Find her online at karenrivers.com or on Twitter @karenrivers.

Review of You Are The Everything

Review (5 Stars):  You Are The Everything is an amazing story about living after experiencing a traumatic event.  Elyse and Josh were sitting in the back row of their school flight back home from Paris when their plane crashed, leaving them the sole survivors.  From this moment on, Elyse and Josh share an unbreakable bond but their experience has left scars that they have to work through and Elyse is having a hard time living when everyone she knew perished on that tragic flight.

This is a beautifully written story that kept me up half the night reading.  Elyse always had a crush on Josh but this tragedy brought them together in ways that she had never imagined.  She couldn’t grieve for the people that she had lost including her best friend, Kath and she had a hard time living as people kept asking her why she was one of the lucky ones to survive.  This book is about living and loss and how dealing with the aftermath takes its toll on the survivors when they are left to pick up the pieces.  This is a great book that everyone should read and Elyse’s story will stay with you well after the last page.


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