Mar 01 2016

Blog Tour & Review: Midnight Bites by Rachel Caine

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By day, Morganville, Texas, is just a typical college town. By night, the vampires emerge and take control….

In a town where it’s not safe to be out after dark, student Claire Danvers and her friends have had their fair share of thrills. But Morganville still has a few secrets left to tell.

Now, in this collection, you can venture down the town’s strange streets, revisit all the tales you’ve come to love, and experience six new stories featuring your favorite Morganville residents—both human and vampire…


About the Author:

Author Roxanne Carson at her home in Arlington, Texas on June 19, 2013.Rachel Caine is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 45 novels to date, and many short stories, including fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, young adult fiction, mystery, thriller, and horror. Her notable series include The Morganville Vampires, Weather Warden, Revivalist, Red Letter Days, and Outcast Season novels. She graduated from Socorro High School in El Paso, Texas, and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Her first short story was published in 1990, and her first novel in 1991.

After a long career in business (including working as an office manager, payroll manager, insurance investigator, web designer, graphic designer, and corporate communications executive) she began writing full time in 2009.

She and her husband, artist R. Cat Conrad, live and work in Fort Worth, Texas.


Review of Midnight Bites

Review (4.5 Stars):  Rachel Caine’s Morganville series is the one series that I can never get enough of.  I read the first book, Glass Houses, in a couple of hours and I was hooked from then on.  Midnight Bites is a compilation of new and old short stories set in the Morganville universe and should be required reading for all fans.  I loved learning the backstory of my favorite characters and some insight on what made Sam and Myrnin the people that they were.  The most heartbreaking thing for me while reading these stories was learning how Shane lost his sister and the pain that was caused because of this.  I loved Shane already and this made me love him all the more because of how this changed him.

After reading Midnight Bites, I feel that Ms. Caine hasn’t completely shut the door on this series and I’m praying that there are one or two more books left to come out.  This is a series that I will read over and over again and Midnight Bites will definitely take a special place in my collection.

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