Apr 02 2016

Blog Tour & Review: Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower

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Rushing home to sit by her ailing grandmother’s bedside, Violet Waverly is shocked to find Grandma Daisy the picture of perfect health. Violet doesn’t need to read between the lines: her grandma wants Violet back home and working in her magical store, Charming Books. It’s where the perfect book tends to fly off the shelf and pick you…

Violet has every intention to hightail it back to Chicago, but then a dead man is discovered clutching a volume of Emily Dickinson’s poems from Grandma Daisy’s shop. The victim is Benedict Raisin, who recently put Grandma Daisy in his will, making her a prime suspect. Now, with the help of a tuxedo cat named Emerson, Violet will have to find a killer to keep Grandma from getting booked for good..


Review of Crime and Poetry

Review (5 Starts):  Such a delightful mystery that will leave readers spellbound!  Violet rushes home to Cascade Springs to sit beside her Grandmother’s deathbed and is shocked to discover that her Grandma Daisy is the picture of health.  Grandma Daisy wants Violet to move back home permanently and help her run their magical bookstore.  Violet has plans to head back home the first chance she gets when they find a dead body that just happens to be holding a book from Charming Books.  Now, Violet must help find the real killer before her grandmother is put away for a crime she didn’t commit.

This is the perfect start to a new magical series.  I thought Violet was a fun, entertaining character that definitely had a lot of spunk.  She belonged in Cascade Springs and her grandmother was going to do whatever she needed to do to keep her there.  This mystery was well-written with complex and delightful secondary characters that has me wanting to visit again very soon.  Ms. Flower is always able to create such engaging and suspenseful mysteries and I know that this series will be a hit.  Can’t wait to read book number two.

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  1. Jeanetta

    Thank you for the review! I have this book on my TBR list. 🙂