Aug 16 2015

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Dream A Little Scream by Mary Kennedy

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Behind her down-home folksy persona, celebrity chef Sonia Scott is a real Dixie diva who’s made plenty of enemies in her climb to the top of the culinary world. One of them is the newest member of the Dream Club, Etta Mae Beasley, who claims Sonia stole her family’s recipes and used them in her latest cookbook.

After Sonia’s suspicious death from anaphylactic shock at a book signing held at Taylor and Ali’s retro candy store, Etta’s revelation sows seeds of doubt in Taylor Blake’s mind. Now the Dream Club needs to put their heads together to determine if one of their own decided to give the chef her just desserts…


About the Author:

090606-wilmington, de--12ll.local book--Mary Kennedy is the author of 37 books. She writes teen novels. The News Journal/Carla VariscoMary Kennedy is a national best-selling author, and a clinical psychologist in private practice on the east coast. She has sold forty novels, all to major New York publishers, and has made the Waldenbooks, BookScan and Publishers Weekly best-seller lists. Her early novels included middle grade fiction and young adult fiction for Scholastic and Penguin.

Currently she’s writing an adult mystery series, The Talk Radio Mysteries, which is set in a fictional town in south Florida. The first title, DEAD AIR, was released January 2010, the second, REEL MURDER, appeared June 2010, the third, STAY TUNED FOR MURDER, January 2011. The Talk Radio Mysteries was pitched and sold as “Frasier Meets Murder She Wrote.” The heroine is Maggie Walsh, a psychologist who closes up her Manhattan practice and heads to sunny Florida to take a job as a radio talk show host. And, yes, she solves a murder in every book! As a former radio copywriter and a practicing psychologist, Mary is uniquely qualified to provide realistic background for her books – although she hasn’t personally solved any murders ;-). Mary’s favorite vacation destination is South Florida and she makes an annual winter pilgrimage to Fort Lauderdale.

Mary won an award from the National Endowment for the Arts for “artistic excellence in literary fiction.” A popular workshop presenter, she has spoken at over a hundred conferences, libraries and schools, all over the country. She also has written articles for PW, NPR, BookPage Gannett, RWR, and other industry publications. When not writing, speaking, or traveling to exotic locales, she lives with her husband and eight neurotic cats. The cats have resisted all her efforts to psychoanalyze them, but she remains optimistic.


Review of Dream A Little Scream

Review (4 Stars):  Ali and Taylor are such great characters and Dream A Little Scream is a great addition to this charming series.  In this story, celebrity chef Sonia Scott is in town to promote her new cookbook and has quite a history with several of the townspeople.  When she turns up dead, it is up to Taylor to find the killer before another victim is added to their list.

Such a delightful series.  The characters are well-developed and entertaining and they make this mystery so much fun. I loved the story in Dream A Little Scream because I’m a big fan of culinary mystery and this just seemed perfect for me.  This is the second book in the Dream Club mystery series and I can’t wait to see what is next for Taylor and Ali.


I’m excited to give away a copy of Dream A Little Scream. This giveaway is for US Residents only.  To be entered in the drawing by August 25th, please leave me a comment below:

25 Responses to “Blog Tour & Giveaway: Dream A Little Scream by Mary Kennedy”

  1. mary kennedy

    So happy to be a guest on Moonlight Rendezvous. Happy that the second book in my series is out and hope everyone wants to hear more about the Savannah ladies in the Dream Club Mysteries. Do they really uncover clues in their dreams, or is just a coincidence? I leave it to the reader to decide.

    • Janel Flynn

      Have not had the privilege of reading the first but would love to win the second to start my collection. Thank you for a chance.

  2. Penny Marks

    I loved the first book in this series and been wanting to read the second:) Thank you the chance to get it.

  3. Antonette Nyman

    I haven’t read the first yet , but you have my interest for sure with all the little references. Can’t wait to read it.

  4. Mare Fairchild

    What a fun give away and I don’t believe in coincidences! 🙂

  5. Lisa Brown

    I am excited to read this book; thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  6. Mari Krampach

    A very intriguing title with a mysterious way to solve a crime. Sounds like a must read book!

  7. MariKrampach

    Love the title and the concept of solving crimes by dreams!

  8. Mary Kennedy

    Forgot to mention the “culinary mystery” angle (and I’m glad Jennifer did!). The sisters, Taylor and Ali, run a vintage candy shop called Oldies but Goodies, it features candy we remember from years ago. (Well, true confession time, I remember them. Jujubes, Necco wafers, root beer licorice, mallo cups, etc. And to boost business, they started offering “coffee, light lunches and snacks” at the candy store. They set up a few patio tables out front and some umbrella tables in the back garden. Ali loves to cook and she supplies all the goodies they serve when they host the Dream Club members every week. She uses the Dream Club as her “beta tasters,” and they have to approve all the new items on the menu. Her latest treat is “donut cupcakes” and I was dying to step away from the computer and make a batch!!

  9. Liz Straw

    Try, try, again.
    I agree, there are are no coincidences either.

  10. Pamela Woodfield

    This book sounds every bit as good as the first one, which I have but haven’t gotten to read yet. Thank you for the giveaway. ツ

  11. Terri Crossley

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!I am just getting ready to read book one and would love to have this one!

  12. Amy Collins

    Congratulations! Sounds like a great book! Love the title.

  13. Kay

    Havent read this series, but would like to try it. Thanks for the contest

  14. candace knight

    I can’t wait to read this one. Thank you for the chance. I keep a dream journal. I have don’t it for years.

  15. Jeanetta

    Dream A Little Scream sounds like a fun mystery book! I am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the review and giveaway.

  16. Meg C

    Sounds like a great addition to this series. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the chance to win.